Getting started

We at CB-Geo aim to promote open research and create a friendly team of researchers working in the area of computational geomechanics.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the tools and software that we use in our research group.

  • We use slack to communicate within the research group for software development.

  • Use our forums for issues related to use of CB-Geo software.

  • If you find a bug or an issue in one of our software, please open an issue request on GitHub

  • Please help us document our codes and write user manuals.

  • We request you to share your work within our research group to promote knowledge sharing, preferably under Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike 4.0 or a similar license.

  • Use a version control system (git) and store your documents / input files and other important codes as repositories on online git hosting sites such as GitHub, GitLab or Atlassian (they all have free academic plans).

  • We encourage you to participate in development of research software and tools. Our research code aims to be consistent, follow our style guides when developing these tools. Software and tools developed within the research group will be distributed as open source software under MIT or other similar licenses, unless where it is specifically agreed with the supervisor. No part of research development or files will be distributed without the researchers’ or supervisor’s consent. The aim is to promote openness in research and development. You are expected to acknowledge the contribution of the group on any publication, where the key academics are not listed authors. A list of tools we commonly use are:


If you have any questions please contact us at